Emotional & spiritual support in the workplace

After years of working in the business world, Theresa has come to know the importance of emotional & spiritual support in the workplace.

Theresa offers holistic support in a safe and confidential environment. It is an opportunity to talk in confidence about feelings, difficulties, experiences, fears, anxieties and problems that are causing concern and may be impacting on the workplace.

Workplace Supervision For Employers

For employers, workplace conflict or employee unhappiness can lead to stress and inefficiency. This can compromise service delivery, productivity and morale. In short, workplace performance goes down.

Workplace Supervision For Employees

For employees, factors in their work and home environments can include stress, emotional problems, financial problems, relationship difficulties, and many more.  In turn, these can cause them to feel vulnerable, unproductive, or even to turn their own stress into behaviours which impact on co-workers.

Emotional & spiritual support in the workplace

What to Expect at a Workplace Supervision Appointment.

To be happy at work we generally need the following: good workplace morale; happy and professional workplace relationships; to feel valued and acknowledged; and to feel a sense of challenge and achievement. Are you feeling a lack in any of these areas? If so, here is a summary of Theresa’s approach when working with workplace supervision clients:

Listen to your story

  • Have the opportunity to speak honestly and openly about your situation
  • Receive practical and spiritual guidance to help you develop insight on a personal and
    professional level

Difficult relationships

  • Difficult relationships can lead to bitterness and entrenched positions which impact on work
  • Learn how to stay heart-connected when faced with difficult people or situations at work
  • Learn how to respond, rather than react
  • Learn how to make positive change in your own situation, which can also support others in
    your workplace

Productivity Problems

  • Each work environment comes with its own challenges.
  • Become more aware of what may be causing low productivity, looking at such aspects as:
    maintaining clear boundaries; managing stress; setting goals; recognising professional
    development opportunities; or dealing with ethical matters.
  • An appointment with Theresa will provide a foundation for increasing job satisfaction and
    commitment, and support staff wellbeing.

Theresa’s approach means that you will feel heard and understood from your experience, allowing you to better understand workplace challenges and collegue dynamics. In turn, this will support you to make empowered and professional decisions to help create a happy working life.

Career Advice Appointments
Sometimes there are issues around career or job choices which employees feel safer talking about away from their work environment. Theresa can offer you sound professional advice if you are feeling the need to make a move in your working life.  Call today to make an appointment.

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