As a fairly reluctant visitor to Theresa Evans my fears were quickly subdued with her generous warmth, intelligence and sense of humour.  She was thoughtful and willing to toss around ideas.

Theresa always brought the conversation back to the heart and feelings, and encouraged me to live from that place and not in the head where I had learnt to dwell.

Thank you, Theresa, for my (still learning) new way of being.

Megan H


Theresa Evans is a talented, warm hearted and intuitive therapist whose work with individuals and couples facing tough life challenges has helped them to define and experience life in their own terms.   She is able to see through the walls people put up around themselves and get to the heart of matters.  Her skills and compassion create a safe space for personal growth and reflection.  She is able to build rapport quickly and set people at ease.  Openness and a non-judgemental attitude are necessary for working with any client and Theresa personifies these qualities.  Her warmth and earthiness are appreciated by all.

Laura Jones MANZASW