Support for Rural Women

Living on the Kiwi farm can seem like the ideal life in the peaceful countryside, away from the busyness and stress of city life. However, farming life can often be demanding on women juggling responsibilities as mothers and workers. Are you living in a rural area and feeling overloaded and isolated? Support for rural women is at hand.

Not everyone has the support they need from partners, family and friends when they need it most. Theresa offers a caring environment where you get to be the centre of attention – a place to put it all down and simply be heard regarding how life feels for you.

Theresa understands the different factors that can cause this feeling, and offers effective support to women living in a rural environment. She was a partner in a farming enterprise for 15 years. This has given her an insight into the stresses of rural life.

Are you feeling alone, unhappy with your relationship, finding life too demanding, or just feel like you need someone to really listen? Theresa can help you to understand what you feel and why, and to know what needs to change in order to achieve a happy balance in life.

Support for Rural Women

Offering support in Christchurch.
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