Benefits of Pascha Therapy

Comments about Theresa Evans Pascha Therapy:

“Theresa always brought the conversation back to the heart and feelings, and encouraged me to live from that place and not in the head where I had learnt to dwell.”
Megan H

“She is able to see through the walls people put up around themselves and get to the heart of matters.”
Laura Jones MANZASW

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Pascha Therapy – A Natural and Highly Effective Modality

More and more people are finding this modality to be highly effective. They are experiencing lasting healing at a deep level. Pascha Therapy allows a natural unfolding of the many layers of each part of Self and each issue to be healed. Benefits include:

  • Have the loving support you need to heal hurt and reclaim lost parts of Self, which in turn
    will open up new life choices. From this …
  • Experience lasting healing and positive change as you make new life choices from a place of balance, clarity and confidence
  • Develop a trust in what you feel, allowing your intuition to guide you instead of being caught in mental confusion and fear
  • Learn how to turn to the energy of love in the face of your biggest fears
  • Turn your feeling ability and sensitivity into a strength that supports your self awareness of what
    is right for you
  • Learn to use your intuition to support all areas of your life
  • Discover how communicating from your feelings can open and deepen your relationships
  • Discover how to create a happy and fulfilling work life
  • Find balance and the freedom to be happy within yourself.

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